Nan Qi Xing Graphene Mask N-3s

  • Brand: Nan Qi Xing
  • Color: Black
  • Package: 20 pcs /Box
  • Box Dimension:250mmx100mmx40mm
  • Carton:80 boxes
  • Carton Dimension:520mmx350mmx380mm
  • Free Sample: Available



The product consists of mask body, nose clip and mask belt
The mask body is divided into three layers
The first layer is Black PP Graphene no-woven fabric (50G)
The second layer is PP melt-sprayed fabric(25G)
The third layer is Gray PP Graphene no-woven fabric (20G)

Stander: ASTM Lever 2/ EN14683:2019+Ac:2019 type 1 / GB32610-2016
Bacteriostat 99%
Antiviral activity rate 99.94%
Certification: CE /FDA /ISO 13485

Mask Details