nonwovens in household

Nonwovens are used in a multitude of household applications ranging from cleaning and filtering to adding an aesthetic touch to the home. Used in bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, high performance nonwovens can create comfortable, practical, hygienic, safe, beautiful and smart solutions for modern living.

The advantages of using nonwovens in household

  • Easy to add fragrance, anti-static, and softener treatments
  • Fire-retardancy
  • Dimensional stability (even in high temperature e.g. clothes dryer cycle)
  • Easy to slit, die-cut, sew, glue, laminate, trim, saw, clamp and weld without fraying
  • Non-ravelling edges
  • Colour stability
  • High tear, breaking and abrasion resistance
  • Elimination of risk of delamination
  • Stretchability
  • Durability
  • Strength and uniformity
  • Anti-allergy and anti- microbial properties
  • Fluid resistance and retention
Nonwovens Products In Household